10 Best Web Development Languages To Explore In 2024

10 Best Web Development Languages To Explore In 2024

When you start making software, learning a language is the hardest. There are a lot of computer languages and each one supports a different type of code which is hard to understand. New languages are added to the list every year and some are pushed to the back of the line by more famous web languages. You should always know what computer programming languages are popular whether you are new to the field or want to improve your skills. So we made a list of the best languages for web creation that will be popular in 2024.



JavaScript has long been a popular web development language and has been the most popular programming language for 10 years. StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2022 found that 65.36 of professional developers use JavaScript.

There are several reasons. First JavaScript is a sophisticated and versatile language implemented by many web browsers. It runs on browsers and strong servers since it can be used for both back end and front end web development. Second JavaScript includes several framework libraries that make sophisticated applications easy to build.

Javascript package managers’ intuitiveness lets developers distribute scripts quickly and readily amongst teams making collaboration more straightforward and quicker.

Finally Node.js allowed developers to build in a single language for both front and back ends in 2009.



Per RedMonk Python is the second most popular web development language. StackOverflow conversation and Github code statistics determine RedMonks programming popularity. Java has made its first appearance outside the top two web app development languages since 2012.

In February 2023 Java fell to fourth place in the TIOBE index for the first time in nearly 20 years while Python topped the list. Because of its simplicity and flexibility in supporting many programming paradigms Python has become a popular machine learning tool among developers.

Python software libraries allow developers to create online and desktop programs, organize system functions and scale massive systems. The language’s English-like syntax makes it popular for software development beginners. The learning and coding are more accessible than in other web app languages.



Java is expected to fall off the top web development languages list in most years but it never does. Ten thousand three hundred fourteen firms including Google, Instagram , Netflix and Amazon use Java.

Java will remain the top choice for corporate application development due to its superior security capabilities which every company needs. Java provides straightforward flexible reusable code that creates a comprehensible application UI. Java is ideal for corporate app development due to its millions of libraries.

Thanks to the Java Virtual Machine platform independence is another benefit of Java. Popular programming languages like Kotlin Scala and Groovy require JVM. Despite calamities and pandemics Java is updated every six months bolstering its reputation as a reliable language.



Microsoft created C++ to be safer and quicker than C and C++. Twenty years after its introduction C++ remains a popular web application programming language. PYPL says C++ ranks fourth in Google instructional searches for languages. The language is used for server applications, mobile games and more.

It is a simple object oriented CLI language with executable code and runtime settings. Type safety avoids compiler and runtime errors and automated garbage collection eliminates and erases all rubbish.

C++ runs on CRL making it simple to integrate with multilingual components. The rich library class speeds up development and makes implementing many functions straightforward. Due to Microsoft extensive documentation and ongoing expenditures C++ is a popular language and market leader.



W3techs reports that 77.6% of websites utilize PHP including Wikipedia, Facebook and Tumblr. PHP is frequently used to develop dynamic and static websites because it is open source and has many built in tools and modules.

PHP has a lengthy history and many users have created frameworks, libraries and automation tools to speed up and simplify development.

PHP is simple to learn for beginners. It quickly develops high quality web apps that are simple to manage and debug. Despite competition from other languages PHP developers are still in demand.



Go is a new programming language that has grown in popularity. As one of the fastest growing programming languages it offers many options for developers to start or develop their abilities.

Go is popular with expanding organizations because Google personnel built it to handle Google sized difficulties. Go is a fast statically typed compiled language that feels dynamically typed and interpreted.

The language is accessible to learn, interoperable and supported. Go meets most programming demands despite having a smaller feature set than C.



TypeScript has grown in popularity recently. The data below shows that It suddenly ranked 6th in GitHub pull requests in the 4th quarter of 2022. Apart from its Microsoft and Google backing TypeScript is popular for additional reasons. It improves tools at any scale by building on JavaScript.

TypeScript is JavaScript with static typing whenever you want it. A study shows that TypeScript detects 15 of JavaScript flaws. Typescript code is more straightforward to rework than JavaScript code helping developers fix problems and rewrite code. CJava and PHP code is more straightforward to port to TypeScript than JavaScript.



Ruby is one of the most expensive programming languages since finding a lot of work developers in certain areas might be challenging. It is yet to become f but it is one of the most efficient languages. GitHub, Airbnb , Hulu and others utilize Ruby.

As of 2023 Ruby on Rails is one of the most active GitHub communities with over 46k contributors. Django, the most popular Python framework, has 23k. The language is known for its security versatility and quick development.



These are the computer languages that people want to learn in 2024. Each answer works only for some programmers or businesses, so this list can be made longer. Before you choose a computer language you should study your target audience and market extensively, decide what features your app should have and then decide what kind of app you want to make. Please discuss picking your project’s best web application development tool and stack.