Amazing Journal Apps For Android And iOS In 2024

Amazing Journal Apps For Android And iOS In 2024

If you used to write down everything important but don’t want to carry around a notebook and pen all the time you can use the best diary app instead of a real pad. These apps let you write down important information, add pictures, leave geo tags, set alerts, use passwords and do other things.

You can easily install this kind of app on your phone to keep your memories safe and organized. It is cool that you can save most of the things that are going on around you. This summary discusses some of the best and most feature rich phone apps for keeping a diary. Read them all and pick the one that best suits you.


Best Journaling Apps To Use In 2024

Day One (Mac, iOS, watchOS, Android)

People know that Day One is one of the best writing apps. It is suitable for new and experienced diary keepers because it is easy to use and has many features. You can quickly write journal entries using themes and have important information like location, weather and more added instantly.

Day One also lets you customize notes to help you maintain your writing habits. This app allows you to tag notes, add media and even password protect your journal. Markdown gives your posts a unique look. The best thing Writing down your ideas as they come to you is easy because you can set multiple notes for different times of the day.


  • Easy to use design
  • Compatibility across platforms
  • Integration of rich video Customization
  • Several warnings


  • Pricing for subscriptions
  • Limitations of the platform
  • There are few choices for exporting
  • Depending on cloud sync
  • Bugs here and there

Diarium (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS)

Diarium is a flexible writing app with built in apps for many devices. Its Windows version stands out because of its sleek design and great features. You can add various media types to your posts like text music and pictures and express your thoughts with speech recognition.

OneDrive Google Drive and Dropbox are popular cloud storage services that work perfectly with Diarium. You can share your records in different forms ensuring that everyone can view your data. Diarium is compatible with exercise apps, social media feeds, schedules and weather reports. It is a complete cross platform app for people who like to keep journals.


  • Compatibility across platforms
  • Different kinds of media
  • Cloud sync for speech detection Export options


  • Some cost money.
  • Templates with limited costs
  • The learning curve
  • Using cloud services too much


Penzu (Web, iOS, Android)

Penzu takes digital writing to a whole new level when it comes to protection and privacy. Penzu on the other hand stores all of your notes in a safe web diary. Custom email notes will make sure you attend all writing sessions. They can even bring up old posts to help you remember them.

Penzu has robust security features such as encryption and password safety. The Pro plan comes with 256 bit security which is strong enough for the military to have extra peace of mind. If you like writing but want to keep a secret record, Penzu is a great option.


  • Safety and ease of entry online
  • Custom Email Reminders for Entry Management


  • Cost Free version with limits
  • No support for video
  • Not having any social features
  • Only on the web


Grid Diary (macOS, Android, iOS)

Grid Diary makes keeping a diary on a grid more accessible. You put your headers in grid boxes instead of seeing a blank page. You can change these heads to suit your needs which will help you organize your ideas better.

The app gives you a complete picture of your daily life and you can look back at notes using the built in planner or to do list view. Grid Diary lets paid users add files, secure secret journals and sync their diaries across multiple devices. It enables you to think without having to write a long entry making it great for people just starting to keep a notebook.


  • Keeping a structured journal
  • Simple to use
  • Reflection on Customization
  • Keeping various gadgets in sync


  • Not enough free-form writing
  • Not much help for video
  • Model of subscription
  • Not as flexible for artistic writing
  • Not enough platforms are available


Five Minute Journal (iOS, Android)

Five Minute Journal is the best choice for people new to writing who want an easy guided experience. Planned tasks throughout the day make writing in a notebook easier. The app asks you questions about thanks in the morning and gives you a daily goal. In the evening it prompts you to think about good things that happened and ways to improve yourself.

The app also has daily exercises and quotes to make you think. If you pay for a membership you can write freely after the themes or add your own. The Five Minute Diary app makes it easy for people who have never kept a diary before to start practicing thanks and self reflection.


  • Ease and effectiveness
  • Makes you grateful
  • Everyday life
  • Leads to reflection
  • Not too much to learn


  • Not enough depth
  • No way to customize
  • Costs of subscription
  • Focus on the visuals
  • Too positive a tone


Dabble Me (Web)

Dabble Me changes the way people write in journals by combining them with email. Because it only works through email you don’t have to open a different app. The paid version sends you daily emails that tell you to write in your diary. You reply to these emails to start writing. The free version makes keeping a book more accessible by letting you write notes like emails.

The website makes it easy to access your journal record and even lets you search, view your calendar and add Spotify links. With Dabble Me you can also send your entries to TEXT or JSON files. This is great for people who like to write in their journals as if they were letters to a friend.


  • Writing a journal via email
  • Full access to the archives
  • The ability to search
  • Ways to export
  • Simple approach


  • Not many features
  • No app for phones
  • Not a daily prompt
  • Few changes can be made
  • Not many social features


Daylio (iOS, Android)

Using pictures and keeping track of your mood Daylio changes how you write in a notebook. It makes the process easier by letting you record your feelings and daily tasks with little typing. It asks about your day and lets you choose a mood from five happy faces.

You can change these questions to suit your needs. Daylio also has everyday writing tools such as setting goals, taking notes and saving entries. Its thorough screen shows you how your moods and activities change over time which helps you better understand your life.


  • Setting your mood is easy and quick.
  • Thoughts on pictures
  • Export of customized data


  • Not enough room for a journal
  • Not enough backing for rich media
  • Not many writing options
  • Paid access to extra services
  • Worries about privacy



Writing in a journal is a strong habit that can change your life. The best writing apps of 2023 can help you stick to this habit and make it more fun. Whether you are a skilled writer or a visual thinker, there is a writing app for everyone. Pick the one that speaks to you and start immediately enjoying the many benefits of writing in a diary.