Powerful Screen Recording Software For iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

Powerful Screen Recording Software For iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

There are many good reasons to remove a movie from your computer, phone, or tablet screen. This is a smart business move, primarily because PowerPoint now better supports video files, letting you add more to displays.

Alternatively, make a movie to teach or train people. You might need to add pictures, videos, or internet material from more than one source, but it is easier to record and capture in video.

You could also be a customer who wants to make a movie for their YouTube page, especially if they want to make a living as a YouTuber. You could also be an online gamer wanting to tell your friends and family about your travels.

We’ll look at the best screen recorders on the market because you might need to record your screen for several reasons. Some are paid, some are free, and some are a mix where you can record a certain amount of time before spending more.



Camtasia is a screen recording program that works on Windows and macOS. It has been around longer than most and has more features than most. It records what is on the screen perfectly and can also add extras and changes.

Camtasia can do it if you want to record anything from games to PowerPoints. It can do it with or without sound, a live feed etc. After that you can add notes, extra audio files, transitions , labels and more to your video.

The software is easy to use even though it has many features. This is because it has a timeline layout. The price is high at 249 around 180 but you can try it out for free for 30 days. If you want something cheaper and easier you could try SnagIt from the same creator company.


Obs Studio

For a good reason people who don’t want to pay for screen recorders love OBS Studio (Windows,macOS) because it makes it easy to mix different audio sources. It tracks together and has many features you’d typically have to pay for.

It was made for games so live streaming choices are critical. However you can quickly save your videos to files as well. You also get more advanced features such as setting changes between scenes and noise reduction for your voiceovers.

This isn’t necessary if you want to record a short clip and OBS Studio might not be the best choice for a beginner. However for free you get many excellent screen recording and live streaming features which is hard to argue with.


Icecream Screen Recorder

Some people only need so many features as Camtasia or OBS Studio. Icecream Screen Recorder Windows macOS is a smaller, easier to use option. Start it up, press the record button, pick the area of the screen you want to record and you’re done.

It is pretty simple to pick where to record and save your video but it is not the most accurate tool we’ve ever seen. You can add a live feed draw on your footage zoom in while recording and pick the video quality you want to make.

If you pay 19.95 27 the Pro version of the program lets you record for longer than five minutes. It also enables you to choose from more output formats, switch between forms, add watermarks and plan screen recordings which can be helpful.



We show TinyTake Windows macOS another small and easy to use screen recording app. This app is great for sharing videos and photos with other people because it has all the features you need and none of the extras you don’t.

You don’t have to create an account to record your computer screen. After that it only takes a few clicks to start the recording process. Just click the Start button and drag the area you want to record to it. TinyTake will take care of the rest.

That’s all there is to it. If you want to add notes or record longer than five minutes you’ll have to pay 29.95 about 22 a year for the full version of TinyTake. However it is excellent for simple screen recording and sharing on sites like YouTube.



Apple macOS already has some built in tools for recording your screen. I’ll talk more about those in a moment but for now let’s talk about ScreenFlow macOS. It is a big step up from what Apple desktop software can do on its own and it adds many useful features and extra video editing tools.

You can for instance crop pan and zoom around different parts of your video recording. You can also add notes and callouts to your recorded video. It can edit videos and record your screen and it is easy to use and has all the features you need.

It’s straightforward to use Choose your video and music sources and you’re ready. Then you can quickly and easily add video clips from your webcam to your main movie. The whole process is smooth and easy. You can try it for free before you buy it for $129, about $94.



It’s best to use Screencastify (Chrome) to avoid adding extra software to your computer (except for a browser plugin). For more than 10 minutes at a time and without a logo, you need to pay $24, which is about £17 a year, for the paid version.

The fact that the program is an add-on for your browser doesn’t mean that you can only record browser windows, though you can if you want to. You can record with Screencastify in full-screen mode and use either your system’s audio or a microphone.

Even though it doesn’t have as many features as other programs, the app is smart enough to add a feed from your webcam. This gives you a lot of options. Screencastify also lets you draw and make notes on the screen.


Az Screen Recorder

One of the best options for Google’s mobile operating system is AZ Screen Recorder (Android). It has simple settings, many recording options, and even a light video editor for cutting your recordings before sharing them.

A small window pops up and takes care of everything. It goes away when you start recording. Depending on what you require from your Android screen recording, you can show what happens when you touch the screen and record sound from a microphone.

If you go into the options, you can change the video recording’s size, frame rate, and direction. You can even add a timelapse effect. As an Android screen recording tool, it has everything you can want.